January 13, 2009

par avion: maple marshmallows

Marshmallow Sampler Pack from Whimsy & Spice

Tonight, I'm watching snow plows lumber down my street as an Arctic cold front moves across New Hampshire. We're expecting the coldest temperatures of my life - -20 degrees Celsius - and I'm looking forward to it in a freakish, near-death-experience sort of way. My response, I think, will be to stay in and bake complicated Germanic pastries that I might order in a dark-panelled, tile-floored Viennese coffeehouse.

At home in Sydney my family are suffering a heat wave. They're expecting 35 degrees tomorrow (or 95 Fahrenheit), the sweltering inverse of my face-freezing cold. And since they can't share my pastries as I sit, snow-bound, with cats and books and icicle-shaded windows, perhaps I can send them some cosyness care of these marshmallow sampler packs from Etsy seller Whimsy & Spice.

I've tried and failed to make my own marshmallows and suspect it might be a uniquely American skill. They're so particularly lovely in cubes, and Whimsy & Spice's flavours are subtle and cloudily aromatic: cardamom, chocolate, maple and caramel.

Whimsy & Spice also sell cookies, biscotti and brownies, and produce an evocative and charming blog: sweet fine day.

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