February 16, 2009

arabic sweets in paris

Three weeks ago I was in Paris, and I went to the tea rooms of the Grand Mosque. There in an outdoor courtyard were blue tiled tables. There were sparrows at the feet of these tables, and when we sat at one a waiter gave us mint tea - not the clean, head-clearing mint tea I drink at home, but a thicker, sweeter version made with green tea, sugar and fresh mint. We ordered pastries from the counter - pistachio and almond flavoured sweets, and baklava. There was a hammam and a shop where we bought the soap used in the hammam, and a box of rose tea from Damascus. The sparrows flew to our table as we stood up to leave.

Another day in Paris, my friend took us to Les Doigts de Fée, a patisserie selling Arabic sweets near her home in the 20th. Here we ate hazelnut and sesame pastries, but there were also marzipan fruits, flaky almond biscuits, semolina cakes and filo pastries.

And more sweet mint tea - from a silver teapot on a silver tray.

Grande Mosquée de Paris
39 rue Geoffrey-Saint-Hilaire, Paris
9am - 11.30pm daily

Les Doigts de F
356 Rue des Pyrénées, Paris
Metro stop:


Anonymous said...

wow, I want to try them all. I wonder how hard it is to make those arabic desserts.

Sweet Bird said...

I have just fallen in love with your site - your photos are exquisite. I could only dream of taking photos this beautiful.

Philomena said...

Hi Amanda! Aren't they beautiful? It was so hard to choose between them all. I'd love to try making them. The closest I've come was a long-ago attempt at baklava - it took me 4 hours to peel the skins off the pistachios (hmmm, maybe that explains the name of this blog!).

Thank you so much, Sweet Bird! That's so lovely of you!

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